Eagle’s Soccer vs. Bob Jones University

After a 4–1 win over Tougaloo, the Eagles prepared to face South Region opponent Bob Jones University. With the match history between BJU and PCC being at five wins a piece, each team looked to secure the sixth win of this matchup. With a quick possessive start from Bob Jones, the Eagles had to regain their confidence, ending the match in a 0–0 tie.

With both teams recording five wins in the match history, tonight was a night of breaking the tie, but through defensive and possession balance, the teams ultimately ended the match with the first tie in BJU v. PCC history! While the Bruins started the game possessing the ball at a higher percentage than the Eagles, PCC had to work their way into it and give themselves opportunities to break the tie. After a solid closing for the second half, the teams entered halftime with a 0-0 link on the scoreboard. Immediately after halftime, the Bruins again came out with focused possessions and attempts to score. The Bruins totaled four corner attempts between the 63rd and 65th minute of the game. While being aggressive offensively, the Eagles’ defense and goalkeeping were resilient and stood firm, withstanding the offensive push from the Bruins. The game ended in a 0-0 tie when the final her junior Bryce Hammond led. Leading the Eagles tonight from Bryce Hammond, who recorded his third-highest save total of the season with six saves in his 90 minutes played!

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