Eagle’s Soccer vs. Tougaloo College

After tying three games in a row, the Eagles returned home to face NAIA opponent Tougaloo College. Inside the first 10 minutes, the Eagles had a 1-0 lead and never looked back! By the end of the match, the Eagles reached their eighth win of the season with a 4-1 victory over the Tougaloo Bulldogs.
In the ninth minute of the game, Niwe Mugeni drove down the left side of the field and found Giovanni Pauliello inside the goalie box for Gio’s 5th goal of his junior season. After the Bulldogs tied the game in the 35th minute, Pauliello once again found the back of the net to give the Eagles the lead back. With some beautiful footwork from freshman Nicholas Clark, he found the left foot of Gio who netted his second goal of the game with a beautiful upper ninety shot to give the Eagles the 2-1 lead going into the half.
With Pauliello leading the scoring in the first half, junior Lourenco Goncalves inserted himself in the scoring column by netting a volley, coming off the header from Pauliello, for his first goal of the night and his 7th goal of the season. With a 3-1 lead with 23 minutes left in the match, the Eagles did not come off the gas pedal. With constant pressure and possession, Goncalves drew a penalty in the box and netted his second PK of the season and his second goal of the night. With this goal, the Eagles ended the night with a 4-1 victory pushing their season record to 8-1-4.

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